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Veteran Officer Security & Investigative Solutions, Inc


Our mission is to serve our clients with the same dedication to duty, respect, and professionalism we have been taught and exemplified throughout our law enforcement and military careers. We strive to provide superior quality security and investigative services that clients can be proud of and give them the peace of mind, safety, and security they deserve in their working and living environments.


Veteran Officer Security and Investigative Solutions, Inc. (VOSIS) is fully owned and operated by a diverse group of former military and law enforcement veterans. They were initially founded in 1991 as a security, investigations, and consulting company serving clients worldwide and domestically. For over 28 years, they have established themselves as a well-respected and reputable company that has successfully grown their business with integrity, fidelity, and professionalism.
The administrative and staff personnel of VOSIS come from a variety of backgrounds and their field staff, management, and ownership include former military, law enforcement, corrections, probation, and parole veterans. Their vast experience and training come from a variety of the best professional sources in the country including U.S. military services, as well as various federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. The educational background of their staff includes a multitude of undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as advanced security and investigative training received from the ultimate training sources in law enforcement, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the United States Secret Service, and various other Federal, state, and regional police agencies.
VOSIS has worked with some of the most influential and significant leaders and people in business, education, and government. Based in the Silicon Valley of the San Francisco Bay Area, they have worked for most major companies in the computer, technology, software, venture capital, energy, finance, manufacturing, automotive, and education sectors. The experts of VOSIS have also been and are currently utilized as subcontracted experts in security consulting, executive protection, and investigations by a multitude of international and national security and investigations companies throughout the world and the United States.

PRESIDENT'S BIO Edward R. Albanoski, Jr.

Edward became a California licensed Private Investigator and Private Patrol Operator in 1990 after a 7-year career as a Senior Military Police Investigator in the United States Army, followed by a career as a Deputy Sheriff with the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department. His career in law enforcement ended after an on-duty car accident made it impossible to continue, but it inspired him to create the security, investigations, and consulting company known today as Veteran Officer Security and Investigative Solutions, Inc. (VOSIS).

President Ford and Ed
His academic record includes:
  • Master of Public Administration, Liberty University, 2019
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice Leadership and Executive Management, Purdue University Global, 2016
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration and Management – Summa cum Laude, Purdue University Global, 2014
His training accomplishments include:
  • U.S. Army Military Police School, Ft. McClellan, AL, December 1975.
  • U.S. Army Military Police Investigations School, Vilseck, Federal Republic of Germany, October 1977.
  • U.S. Secret Service Training, Wiesbaden, Federal Republic of Germany, July 1978.
  • U.S. Army Nuclear, Biological and Chemical School, Ft. Lewis, WA, April 1980.
  • California State Police, Specialized Law Enforcement Academy, Protection of Public Officials Certification Course, June 1981.
  • U.S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration, Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Detection and Enforcement, September 1981.
  • Santa Clara Valley Criminal Justice Training Center, Santa Clara, CA (CA State Certification 832PC), June 1983.
  • Santa Clara Valley Criminal Justice Training Center, Santa Clara, CA, Chemical Agents Training, June 1983.
  • Santa Clara Valley Criminal Justice Training Center, Santa Clara, CA, Traffic Accident Investigation, June 1983.
  • San Jose City College, San Jose, CA, Jail Operations Training, July 1983.
  • Gavilan College, Field Training Officer Academy, Gilroy, CA (Certification as Patrolman FTO), April 1988.
  • National Law Enforcement Institute, San Diego, CA, Street Gang Training, April 1989.
  • Fresno City College, State Center Regional Training Facility, California Commission on Peace Officer Standards of Training (P.O.S.T.) Academy Recertification Course, Fresno, CA, April 2003.
  • The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation, John E. Reid and Associates, Chicago, IL 2005.
  • Napa Valley Criminal Training Center, P.O.S.T. Academy Instructor Certification, January 2015
His achievements and professional experience include:
As a Senior Military Policeman and Military Police Investigator, U.S. Army:
  • Ordinance Recovery Unit, Sierra Army Depot, Herlong, CA
  • Member of the German/American Anti-Terrorist Team, successful in the apprehension of Bader Meinhoff/Red Brigade Terrorist Group Members from 1977 to 1979.
  • Member of the Joint Government Drug Suppression Task Force [U.S. Army, German Polizei, German Customs (Zoll), DEA, and Interpol], Rhineland-Pfalz Area, Federal Republic of Germany from 1977 to 1979.
  • Lead Military Police Investigator on U.S. Secret Service/U.S. Army Reaction Force Detail at Wiesbaden Air Base, Federal Republic of Germany, responsible for the protection of President Jimmy Carter, the First Lady and daughter, and Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and First Lady of Germany on July 16-17, 1977.
  • VIP Protection Detail, Mainz, Germany and Presidio of San Francisco, CA
  • Supervised U.S. Army VIP Protection Detail for the following events at the Presidio of San Francisco:
  • Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger and National Security Council
  • 442nd Infantry Regiment Reunion Ceremony protecting Hawaiian Senators Daniel Inouye and Daniel Akaka and San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein. An attempt was made on the lives of the Senators by a radical domestic terrorist group but was foiled and perpetrators arrested.
  • U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff for a classified training exercise at Camp Parks, CA.
  • Chief of Juvenile Investigations, Bad Kreuznach, Germany and Presidio of San Francisco, CA
  • Member of Child Protective Services Review Board for the City and County of San Francisco
As a Deputy Sheriff with the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department, he served in the following positions:
  • Correctional Deputy: worked in minimum, medium, and maximum security sections of the Santa Clara County Jail system.
  • Field Training Officer: created a report writing training manual and conducted report writing and training evaluations for the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Court Transportation Officer: responsible for safe transportation of jail inmates to court facilities throughout Santa Clara County.
  • Assignment Officer at Elmwood Correctional Facility: created and implemented innovative methods to adapt inmate skills to in-custody work crew assignments.
  • Bailiff/Court Security Deputy: performed duties in municipal and superior courts of Santa Clara County.
  • Patrol Deputy: conducting field patrol duties and preliminary investigations of crimes throughout unincorporated Santa Clara County and contract cities.
As a Security Supervisor, CSC Security, he performed the following duties:
  • San Francisco 49ers, Candlestick Park, San Francisco: supervised and managed security and protection of players, staff, coaches, and families
    • Provided executive protection/escorts for Joe Montana, Dwight Clark, and Jerry Rice, their families, and other VIP guests.
  • National Football League, Super Bowl XXII, Jack Murphy Stadium, San Diego, California, January 1988
    • Provided executive protection/escort services for visiting VIPs, NFL Executives, Coaches, and player personnel.
    • Stadium Security Supervisor for Super Bowl XXII
As a subcontractor for confidential high-technology and other industry corporations:
  • Executive protection agent for Chief Executive Officers, Board Chairmen, and other VIPs and their families 
  • Security coordinator and supervisor for commercial shoots for confidential high-value technology products
  • Protection specialist conducting high-value product warehouse and security escorts for major technology companies throughout Silicon Valley
A Court Certified Expert in the following areas of expertise:
  • Narcotics Investigations and Identification, U.S. Army and Santa Clara County Superior Court
  • Juvenile Crime Investigations, U.S. District Court, San Francisco, CA
  • Sex Crimes Investigations, Santa Clara County Superior Court
  • Satanic Crimes Investigations, U.S. District Court, San Francisco, CA and Santa Clara County Superior Court